I just found out that all the META data (such as Title, Author, Copyright Info, Camera Data, IPTC, GPS Data, etc) is not included when a user downloads a small, medium, or large file version. This data remains intact though when downloading the original sized file and when downloading all files as a zip.
For any person running a professional photography business, it is CRITICAL that all META data remains unaltered also in downscaled images, as it contains important information that can be used to prove copyright or can be used by automated systems in order to display certain details (title, description, location, etc).
This also accounts for the thumbnails generated by Picflow that are used to display a gallery, where also any META data should remain.
My only workaround, for now, is to disable downloading of individual files, while that’s a great and timesaving feature to have.
I hope this can be addressed very soon.